Grants are a valuable source of finance for programs, projects, activities, events and facilities. There are a number of organisations both in NSW and Australia that offer grants to motorcycling Clubs throughout the State.

Current Grants Available


Active Kids

31 Jan 2024 (Reimbursement Requests)
Women Leaders in Sport17 Dec 2023
Women Leaders in Sport – Executive Program31 Dec 2023
Local Para Champions31 Jan 2024
Local Sporting Champions31 Jan 2024
Level the Playing Field30 Nov 2023
Local Sport Grant Program27 Nov 2023

Infrastructure Grants

18 Dec 2023
Play for Purpose 

Grant Writing Guidelines

Each funding program or scheme will establish criteria specific to eligibility, application procedures, expenditure, reporting, and assessment. It is important to clearly identify what your organisation wants to fund/do and then assess whether you will meet the criteria for the funding opportunity before you apply – if it won’t then there is no point applying. Make sure you can also articulate what issue or program requires the funding and what solution the funding will provide.


Supporting Evidence

When writing grants you may need to provide information and evidence to support your application. This could include demographics or statistics for your affiliate/region/sport, or evidence to support why your sport/program will benefit a specific or broader community objective. The Clearinghouse for Sport Knowledge Base provides access to a range of expert evaluated information resources covering good/promising practice.


The following websites are useful to explore the realm of grant funding and to look at previous successful projects to help with any applications.


For more information about grants and funding opportunities, or to discuss your club’s project, please contact Sport Development Manager Ben Williams at